Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello World

I am officially being released into the world to do grown-up things. I graduate college tomorrow morning. I wrote my last paper and took my last test yesterday. Then in 36 days I'm getting married to the most wonderful man.

This all being said I have made a few conclusions this morning...

1. I love food. I'm free from classes and homework and what did I do this first morning of freedom? Baked the most amazing blueberry banana muffins and am looking for the best cinnamon roll recipe. My favorite so far is from Pioneer Woman. I am drooling over all of her recipes. I have a feeling her blog will be my best friend this next year as I learn to cook "man food" for my soon to be husband (I'm perfectly content eating veggies all the time but for him its not a meal unless there is meat.)

2. I need a better camera. I took a picture of the muffins, but they don't look as amazing as they do in real life.

3. I had a third one but now I can't remember what it was.

Here's to you world! Off to enjoy my second cup of coffee and another muffin!

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