Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kelsey-Dorsey Backpacking

K & N have the weekend off. K & N think about what to do on this weekend. Conclusion? BACKPACKING!!!

We are totally blessed to both have come from backpacking.camping.outdooradventuring families and with wedding presents of this theme from my mom's side of the family, that we had [most] all of the necessary gear. 

So with the loan of a guide book and a water pump, we picked out the path of our adventure [Kelsey-Dorsey Trail], stopped by the adventure store for some stove fuel and a neon-green-nalgene for N, stuffed our packs, and headed out.

Onward! [after a slight confusion of where the trail we needed to take junctioned...yes junctioned is a word per DictionaryKelsey]

Camp of Winter Cabin Spring.

Oatmeal.and.ViaCoffee. Breakfast of Champions!

 The faithful Pumper of the Water returning from the harrowing Battle of Mosquito Ditch.

 Made it to Ott "Lake".

Not much of a lake though...glad we didn't hike here the first night to find there was no water.

Lunch Break.

Camp Dorsey Spring.

[Nap Time]

On our way out the next day.

Almost back to where we started.

WE MADE IT! Despite some rain, a stiff knee, and some sore muscles. I would say it was a successful trip. Kelsey-Dorsey trail, we'll be back.

 He is my favorite. I'mgladImarriedhim. 



This little guy [we named him Corban after a friend of ours] stuck with us the whole bumpy 3 mile hike out. We decided he was on a recon mission from his hive and we were simply the transport. He clung on like a badass until the jump mark where he then positioned himself precisely to be launched off the tent bag onto the ground. We were pretty impressed. Nice work soldier.  Good luck to you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Guess what my sweet hubby found for me!?!?!?

3 beautiful wooden pallets.

Aren't they lovely?

I have been thinking about what to do with them for the past week and I think I have figured it out. I found the designs here and here. I am constantly amazed at the work that these "blogger-moms" crank out. I mean just look at this! These women could have a bangin' career as carpenters.

Keep checking back because there will be more on the progress of this project soon.

[to rainy dessert days]

Monday, July 16, 2012

[her] Summer Night

White Sangria with Peaches.
Tomato, Onion, Cucumber Salad.
Pasta with Green Peas and Shrimp.

Downton Abbey


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Date Night [challenge]

I found this on Pinterest the other day. I read them to N...and the challenge is on!

By the end of this year we want to accomplish all 20 of these. 
There will be documentation. 

Ready, GO!

[credit Unknown for now]


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Viva la Vida Buena

After a very full weekend of "juicy" teaching by Tim Ross at GN church in Anthem at the Family Camp Conference, we headed out to Rocky Point Mexico for a week of family, beach, and good spicy food.  

Here are a few of the many adventures we had here...

The "kids"

Ceviche and Oysters

Stare-down with the slimy oyster...Come'on Kalani hot sauce makes it better we promise!

Clamming for dinner!

We ate so well (as always) down there. I'm just about ready to move to Mexico because I could eat the food there everyday for the rest of my life...seriously... it rocks! Not to mention the beach and the weather.

These clams [that I forgot to take a picture of] fed over 20 of us for 2 meals. And we all stuffed our faces. Just add garlic, wine, butter, and Pato chile sauce and pour it over some EVER!

Eat and float was pretty much all we did. 

Besides the clams we ate a lot of tacos....and about a TON of mangos! We bought out the beach mango man every day by noon. He literally ran out of mangos because of us!

Of course we did a little shopping too! Because when people bring a mall's worth of stuff to you as you lay on the beach how can you not! I mean who doesn't need 5 lawn "tortugas" or giant sombreros!

While we were there we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday day...Mexico style! Happy 20th B! So happy you were born and so excited to see what God has for you this year and this next decade!

So now we are back home a few shades darker, a bit more relaxed, with a new hat and backpack, more sunglasses than we probably need [the were "almost FREE! happy hour ALL day!"], and wishing we were back on the beach drinking up the sun and some tequila.

Viva la Vida Buena!

p.s. if you are interested in some amazing messages on Kingdom, miracles, and the beautiful Gospel of truth check out the FREE Tim Ross podcasts here. I promise it will rock your WORLD!
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