Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kelsey-Dorsey Backpacking

K & N have the weekend off. K & N think about what to do on this weekend. Conclusion? BACKPACKING!!!

We are totally blessed to both have come from backpacking.camping.outdooradventuring families and with wedding presents of this theme from my mom's side of the family, that we had [most] all of the necessary gear. 

So with the loan of a guide book and a water pump, we picked out the path of our adventure [Kelsey-Dorsey Trail], stopped by the adventure store for some stove fuel and a neon-green-nalgene for N, stuffed our packs, and headed out.

Onward! [after a slight confusion of where the trail we needed to take junctioned...yes junctioned is a word per DictionaryKelsey]

Camp of Winter Cabin Spring.

Oatmeal.and.ViaCoffee. Breakfast of Champions!

 The faithful Pumper of the Water returning from the harrowing Battle of Mosquito Ditch.

 Made it to Ott "Lake".

Not much of a lake though...glad we didn't hike here the first night to find there was no water.

Lunch Break.

Camp Dorsey Spring.

[Nap Time]

On our way out the next day.

Almost back to where we started.

WE MADE IT! Despite some rain, a stiff knee, and some sore muscles. I would say it was a successful trip. Kelsey-Dorsey trail, we'll be back.

 He is my favorite. I'mgladImarriedhim. 



This little guy [we named him Corban after a friend of ours] stuck with us the whole bumpy 3 mile hike out. We decided he was on a recon mission from his hive and we were simply the transport. He clung on like a badass until the jump mark where he then positioned himself precisely to be launched off the tent bag onto the ground. We were pretty impressed. Nice work soldier.  Good luck to you.

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