Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome Home

to the Little Colorful Studio.

That's its name right now. Maybe we should have a contest to name it? Winner gets a batch of N's wonderfully delicious chocolate chip cookies!!!!

Yes my husband makes better chocolate chip cookies than me.
And anyone else I know. 

 In fact I've given up making chocolate chip cookies since I married N. There is no competition. His cookies are just THAT GOOD. 
I used to have my recipe memorized but now its lost in the far reaches of my brain. The same place all those anatomy facts went whenever I had to take a test back when I was in school. 

So here is our little studio. Isn't she cute! [its a she I guess... I just decided that as I was typing. Are apartments like cars where they are always female?]
Anyways, it came together pretty quick and turned out really amazing. Its such a happy little place. 
We love it!

Do you like the super-cool-bike-rack-thingy that N put up? He's quite proud of it.
It may sound crazy but there are only 2 of our bikes...we have 2 more hanging in our porch storage closet. Overboard? Maybe but hey when you live in Flag you need one for the mountains/commuting and one for the road. [I think ideally N would have 3. One for each of those activities.]

And though I have given up on chocolate chip cookies...I have not given up on baking. These were the Chocolate-Blackberry Scones I made the other day. Yum! Especially with the blackberry jam slathered on them. Recipe to come soon. 

That's all for now.
From the Little Colorful Studio

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