Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hello [insert nametag]

New name and look for the blog to give it a little update since it's not just all about me now.
Because we all know it was before right??? Right...
Welcome to:
 Eat. Live. Play. 

I promise I will talk about the same stuff and post photos [hopefully more regularly]. I'm sure even though I'm doing this to "focus" the blog a bit more, it will be just as random most of the time. 

I just needed to switch it up a bit for inspiration. 
It's like when I go through my closet [fully intending on chucking 3/4 of the stuff I've had since who knows when, but then somehow only 3 things make it to the goodwill pile and another 5 go into the "sewlatertoconverttoanewcooltopIsawonPINTERST] to make room for all of the newer cuter stuff that's not from highschool/I've already worn in a million different ways that I intend to buy...

It'll be just like that. I promise... intention#1. Write at least one post about each title word per week, intention#2. Bring camera everywhere so I can post new photos with the posts, intention#3. Do intentions 1&2. 
See? Same thing.
Until next time.


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