Monday, May 6, 2013

Proud [weekend] Moments

This weekend was full of joyful and proud moments for me...

 My littlest sister got into a study abroad program in Australia for next year! She and Australia are meant to be... I've always felt they would go well together and now she gets to GO!!! So proud of her! She also rocked 2 job interviews this weekend, including 1 that she has been wanting to get for a while. 

My other little sister is now halfway to being a nurse! She just completed her first [insane] year of a very competitive nursing programs and I am so proud of her! She is going to be one of those nurses that patients request if possible because she's that awesome. 

One of my best friends and college roommates completed her first full marathon (before me by the way and she always referred to me as "trackstar") up in her hometown in the redwoods. So proud and excited for her! I can't wait to run Birthday Ragnar 2014 with her on my team!

This one is more of an exciting moment than a proud moment...though I am proud to be friends with this wonderful dear friend Megan and her husband are having a BABY!!! Beautiful Megan has muscular dystrophy but that has never stopped her from doing everything she can dream of and now that includes being a mom! They are going to be wonderful parents! Can't wait to meet the little peanut! 

Lastly... what I am most excited and proud of and the thing that I got to make this event invite for... N is GRADUATING!!! As in done-with-school-forever if he wants. He's got to make it through finals this week so pray for him if you think of it... and then we get to celebrate next weekend with a BBQ and pool-floating.

All very exciting stuff happening around here!


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