Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So now its been 10 months since the wedding and N and I are living in Flagstaff while he finishes school. We had our last (fingers crossed) snow storm and are enjoying the warm spring, which means our road bikes need some tuning up and our mt. bikes need some love after riding through the winter streets...AND best of all ULTIMATE FRISBEE time!

Within the first week of moving to this northern land of mountains, we met an awesome group of friends who love Jesus, have a passion for praying for the city, and who LOVE ultimate frisbee. We started playing with them twice a week and it was definitely the highlight of our summer last year. Hopefully I will be posting so photos from our games this summer - that is if I remember the camera...

As many of you may know, N will be returning to the Navy after he graduates this December so Flag will be our home for only 9 more months. I guess its our preview into what it's like to build a life in a place knowing you will be leaving in not too long. We've found that the best way is to live like you're going to be there forever and not let a potential friendship pass by. Living this way we have been immensely blessed by the people in our lives up here. We will be sad to go when the time comes, but for now we're going to go play some ultimate!

p.s. we are going to be moving soon to another place in Flag that's closer to work/school so stay tuned for address updates and venting about the moving process.


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