Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Sissy

Dear[Birthday Sister],

You are 19 now, not so much my "baby" sister, but you will always be my favorite littlest sister [in many ways]. I remember when mom went to the hospital to have you. It was a beautiful cool fall day in Alaska, and she was planting tulip bulbs with Ben, Kin, and I. You've always had the most beautiful round cheeks and such a cute smile. 

You've grown up since so much since you were this little rosy cheeked girl and I am so proud of you and all your talents. I love how you love to learn and pick up new skills [like guitar and harmonica playing and now rock climbing].

I love that my college friends have adopted you so now you have more big sisters than you know what to do with and you are always willing to join us in our adventures.

You will always be the cutest 18 yr old flower girl there ever was and I will never forget the tears that came to my eyes as you played at mine and N's wedding. I love that you are called "Donkey" and that you have always been the first to crack a clever joke. 

I love your style and how you rock your independent fashion sense with so much confidence. I love talking coffee, wine, and food with you and sharing recipes and good music. I am so excited to see where life is taking you and can't wait for the many more meals [bottles of wine] and adventures we'll share along the way. 

So happy 19th birthday sissy! Have a fabulous 19th year of life [it's your last "teen" year] and keep rockin'. Love. Sisters. Alaska.


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