Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kitten: Hello Lilu

Meet Lilu [pronounced "Lee-Loo"]. The newest addition to this part of the Haystack clan....

If you're on Facebook, you may have already seen these pictures...she is just too cute for me not to share these as soon as I took them! I just couldn't wait and I wasn't organized enough to get this post written at the same time I posted to Facebook. So all of you in blog land, I'm sorry for making you wait.

She is the littlest "2yr old" kitten I have every seen. I think she is younger, but 2 is what the vet thinks. She is quite playful, curious, and a snuggle bug. We'll see how quick of a learner she is tonight, we'll see if she remembers that the bed is off limits and that if she gets on it she gets taken off VERY quickly [she had this happen 4-5 time last night].


p.s. To all of you who voted, though "Slippers" won by a long shot, she is more of a Lilu. We tried Slippers for a couple hours but Lilu is what stuck. Thanks for your input though!

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