Saturday, February 9, 2013

[Good Women Project] Check it out!

Alright, I know I have been super MIA most of 2013 so far...don't hate me! I have some excuses:
first there was the holidays, I was in a blogger rut, there has been a lot of crazy happening at work...ok all lame I know, but the point is that I'm back.

Part of my blogging rut was my lack of inspiration and the question of why I keep this blog [all very existential I know]. The past few days, as I have been reading the blogs I regularly follow and discovering some new ones, I realized that I write this to share pieces of my [our] story and the stories of others around me. When I started writing here again shortly after moving to Flag, I had some big dreams for this site...however, I discovered I like simply sharing basic life musings, the occasional DIY, and photos from our adventures here. Those big super awesome dreams will have to be saved for a different site to come later.

That all being said, here is a site that is achieving some big awesome dreams and is working to inspire, encourage, and support women- both young and old- in the adventure called life.... check them out!

To those over at the Good Woman Project, thank you for doing what you're doing and for inspiring me to keep writing and sharing my story. 

To all my readers, I'm back with some new stuff. I promise! 


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