Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day [happy]

Happy Love Day! 

It's this vintage Valentine cute? And I sure would like to label my hubby "All Mine" so everyone who sees him tomorrow will know that  he is ALL MINE! I mean he's pretty hot stuff so I feel pretty lucky to be the one he fell in love with. 

I know there are a lot of people who don't like Valentine's Day, but I'm a fan. Not crazy go all out and buy new jewelry and go to a super-uber fancy dinner kind of fan, but little love notes, heart shaped pizza, flowers, and these cookies kind of fan. 

I think it has to do with the fact that in elementary school I was ALWAYS sick on the day my class had their Valentine's party. 5th grade was the only year I went to school for it and I should have stayed home, but I lied about not being sick [yeahIwasoneofthosekids]. So I never really got to actually hand out the Valentine's I made with the candy heart taped on that I spent hours sorting to make sure they all said the right thing to the right person...[Matt shouldn't get one that said "Go Girl" on it duh!]. I guess I am a fan because I was deprived as a child [stupid flu]. 

But I am not sick this year! So bring on the pink pancakes with strawberries [he gave them to me because they are my favorite], sweet hidden love notes, "make-out" cookies and heart-shaped pizza! 

Cheers to LOVE.
[head here for a good love playlist to download for free]

p.s. if it's just you this year with no sweetheart...give yourself a "love" gift of a pedicure, a day just for you, some flowers, or that cupcake that's calling your name in the window. Trust me, I've been there and sometimes you just have to take all the extra love floating around and claim it as your's. 

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