Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Twist in the Plot Line

I have 2 (maybe 3, I haven't decided yet) things to say.

Topic 1:
Technology and Balance
Sorry its been a while since I've written. You would think not having classes for the last 3 weeks would have meant more time to post, but alas it did not happen that way. You see, I spent so much time on a computer during school that once I was freed from my classes, I did not even open my computer once for 3 weeks...not the best idea for work and internship planning...
In light of the new year (2011 really now?) I am striving for balance and am attempting to only check and respond to emails once a day. I really need to learn that the world will revolve without me and that disappearing from the face of technology is an extreme that is just as unrealistic...thus the once a day thing. I've been going at it for a week now and its harder than I thought...send me motivating thoughts please?

This all being said, on to Topic 2:
The Adventure of Wedding Planning and the Military
{This is a enrapturing chapter in the story of a young princess and her handsome prince charming to whom she is betrothed... A new twist has been added to the story as the handsome prince was asked to leave the Royal Naval Training School due to a poor performance in philosophy (what does philosophy have to do this the Navy anyway? Is is just to give them something to think about while they sit on a ship for month at a time???) With the future of her handsome prince now uncertain, the young princess can do nothing but wait and hope that this means the day of their long awaited matrimony is sooner than originally planned...} be continued.

Topic 3: What do you think of these?
[photo from: LoveSac]

They are these crazy sectional couch things ("lego couches" in my fiance's words)...


  1. The first week of change is always hard..But it will get easier.
    After a week of hard workouts your always the sorest, the first week of not being talking to someone feels impossible, or one week of cutting out coffee is like cutting out air.
    But after that first week, routine kicks in and it starts to feel good. Look forward to the feeling. It will come, you'll see:)
    Except for maybe coffee...

    Haha i love you

  2. The couch the rug and the lamp are all AWESOME but I couldnt do the pot things. I'd probably do a cute basket thing that could hold books OOOORRRRRR one of those automien-ish storage things that you can put blankets in and flip the top to make a little end table, yep the second for sure!

  3. Haha Britt my question was more about the couch than the whole thing but thanks for all the input. Sadly none of the the bases have storage. They are simply bases that you can put sides on to either make a bigger couch or a second on or even 2 chairs. You buy it in pieces with sides and bases and you can configure them anyway you want.
    Kinda cool huh?
    We did end up getting the couch though. We got 3 bases and 4 sides to start with and we can always get more to add on later.


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