Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Version 4.2

I feeling like I have planned my wedding over 4 times. All different ways. Now hopefully version 4.2 is the final version. I'm not exactly sure what is the cause for this excessive planning [long engagement? military? me looking at TOO many wedding blogs???] but this is it. The upside is that I could pretty much help anyone plan any type of wedding now! haha!

So here's what I've got now [the benefit of planning so many times is that it gets quicker every time]:
  • Handsome Groom... Check!
  • Date... JUNE 18, 2011
  • Dress... Found it today!! (now I'm praying for the $ for it...donations anyone?)
  • Venue... My soon to be family-in-law's (or rather "family-in-love's") backyard
  • Guest List Goal... Under 80
  • Invitations... Coming soon.
  • Music... Yay for a musical sister and iTunes playlists
  • Food... Working on it...have the wine though (always a good start)
  • Decorations...Working on those too... been collecting jars and bottles for the last year
  • Rings... designed and in progress
  • Honeymoon... is a surprise from the Handsome Groom
Lots of details under all these that need to be taken care of but hey its a start! 
In the mean time... don't you love how these tables are decorated? I love the books and the simplicity!

1 comment:

  1. I need to comment and say we're now on version 4.3 with a date change. LAST ONE i promise!!!

    So JUNE 11,2011 it is :)


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