Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Side Table [Pallet Redux]

Finally. A post about our pallet table project!

We went down to phx this weekend to do the build because N's dad had all the equipment we needed. [it would have taken WAAAAYYY longer to do the build up here even if we had a table saw]. About halfway through we were asking ourselves why we decided that doing a project outside when it's 115 degrees out was a good was just plain HOT! But despite the heat, we got it done [with lots of water breaks] and they turned out AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Check out some photos of the build below: (and check out the "brag post" of this build featured on the Ana White blog!)

Cut a little here.

Measure some there.

Stack 'em up.

Frame building.

Not sure what we would have done without the nail gun. It made it so much easier.

The framework.

Cut a little more.

Ta Da!

The design details for me to remember you.



The finished product! [i will get a photo of them in our bedroom soon. the lighting when i was writing this post was terrible but i wanted to get it posted so you'll have to wait. they look even better next to the bed!

Build info: We used the wood from 3 pallets to make 2 of these tables with about 6 planks left over [for another project]. Because of the weird board measurements we ended up ripping the boards to a reasonable width before building. It made them more uniform. We used a nail gun to attach the pieces and finished them with a dark wood stain that my in-laws had in their garage. We got the design inspiration here.

We had so much fun doing this project and when were done both N and I were wishing we had the space for a table saw and nail gun for more projects like these. This definitely won't be the last build we do!

Email me or comment if you have any specific questions about the build and how we did something.



  1. Thanks! They turned out better than I thought they would.

  2. I love your side tables! I just made a pallet coffee table and these are just what I need to accent it! Do you have the dimensions of the boards that you cut things down to? Also possibly step by step assembly instructions? Appreciate it!

    1. Jaclyn- We used the build instructions from and to build the framework but used our own measurements based on the wood we had and the size we wanted it. We also did planks for the top and added a shelf.

      We ripped the wide boards that we used for the top and shelf down to 4.5 inches, the smaller thin boards to 2.5 inches for supports, and left the thicker pieces as is for the legs. The top is 18 X18, the base is 16X16, and its 24 inches high including the inch the top planks added (meaning the legs were cut to 23inches).

      Once we figured out how wide and how high we wanted it and how thick the wood was, we did the math to figure out the dimensions (WARNING if you are using pallet wood there are going to be weird numbers to cut to like 5/16th). We labeled each size of cut "A", "B", "C" ect and figured out how many of each size we needed. When we cut them we kept them in piles together so we knew where they would go. From there we built the frame work first and then added the shelf then the top.

      Other advice: sketch out what you want it to look like and label the drawing with your "A" cuts, "B" cuts, ect. Then you can just put it together like you would an pre-made piece (A's and B's get nailed together, C's go next to B's...). Also, cut a bit off the end of the piece you are making cuts from before measuring and cutting to make sure its a straight equal cut.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions.

  3. Can you email all of your dimensions that you had for each part of the table? I am having a hard time getting it square. If you don't want to post them here, my email address is

    1. They are in the reply above though I will email it to you as well. The best way to get it square it to "rip" the boards to an easy length to do the math from and make sure your boards are straight and cut evenly.

  4. Thanks so much for your inspiration!! I built these this past weekend with my man friend! :) I'm so happy I saw your pin come up in Pinterest!! :) Happy Thursday!!

    Check out your shout-out!

    1. They turned out awesome! Thanks for the shout-out :)

  5. I like it. Do you have detailed plans for this table?


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