Tuesday, August 28, 2012


is something I struggle with sometimes. Like secrets. I have a hard time not telling everyone I walk past about something reallllly exciting that I just learned and am not supposed to say anything about. My friends know I WILL keep their secret no matter what [cross-my-heart-hope-to-die-no-fingers-crossed-triple-girl-scouts-honor] but while its inside the secret is bubbling and bursting just wanting to get out. You know being married helps with that though, you know... one flesh... so he gets to know... even if he doesn't want to...unless its a surprise for him...but that's different.

Anyways, back to waiting... since that's what this post is actually about, not secrets...

I recently applied for a new job. One that would be a MIRACLE/BLESSING/AWESOME opportunity [okay exaggerating a bit but still it would be one step closer to a "real grown-up" job since it has set hours instead of shifts and requires my college major]. But I am currently in that super painful waiting stage. It has been "Submitted," "Verified," and is now with the "Hiring Committee" to then be passed to my would be boss herself (it has to do with a school so that's why there are so many people it gets passed to).

I've been anxiously checking my e-mail and my phone for the past 3 days and the waiting is getting to me...then I came across this: 21 Reasons You're Not Letting Me Know About That Job

It made me laugh and you know what it made the waiting a little easier. Thanks Thought Catalog!

Cheers to waiting.

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