Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Adventures [#buttermuffins]

We were in Cali last weekend.

It was wonderful to be with dear friends, go to the beach with surfboards [unfortunately it was THE flattest glassiest water I've seen in SB so we paddle-floated], wander through the farmers market, and eat at my favorite places [Summerland Beach Cafe is pretty much where we lived in the mornings our senior year of college, seriously their food is drool-inducing-fantastic]. 

And we stayed with these lovelies. These are my dear friends from college and most of them spent the last year all living together in a fun big house affectionately known as the "Jungle House". Once you see the house the name makes even more sense. 

We were up there (over there) for a quick visit and for the G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S wedding of our friends Josh & Jasmine. They are seriously the most beautiful couple ever  and they planned their simple and stunning wedding in less than 3 months. I wish I had photos to show you the wonderfulness but....I forgot to bring my camera out theentireweekend. [surprised??] so the photos I'm posting are actually lovingly borrowed from Elizabeth. 

These are the hundreds of cupcakes ["buttermuffins"] that the Jungle girls made for the wedding. 

They [Elizabeth and Rachel mostly] were tasked with making enough cupcakes for the ENTIRE wedding. The final count [minus the few many that were consumed for quality control] was 384. Enough for every guest to have 2. Elizabeth did the mixing and the rest of us assisted in scooping into pans and frosting. 

There were 3 kinds: Vanilla with Buttercream frosting, Lemon with a Simple Lemon Frosting, and Blackbottom. 

Didn't they turn out awesome??? They were delicious too!

Us with the Queen Baker of the weekend. We love you Ebeth! and Congrats Josh & Jasmine you are a beautiful couple! 

It was a much needed [but too quick] trip that needs to happen more often. We were so happy to get away before the craziness of school and the cooler weather begins. 

Cheers [buttermuffins].

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