Sunday, March 3, 2013

RAGNAR [a.k.a. crazy race]

Two weeks ago I was in the midst of what felt like death in the form of a nasty virus called "The Crud" (at least that's what my doctor called it)... not the official FLU but it might as well be it's evil twin... Think fever for 4 days, achy everything, then when that goes away a stuffy nose that turns into a cough that lasts for 10 days...

I'm so glad I have a job that lets me take sick days and that we had a snowday and a short week that week BUT I was even more happy that I was feeling better by the end of the week (despite the cough) because I had RAGNAR (a.k.a. A crazy race).
 These pictures pretty much sum up the event.... its a 202 mile relay race all over Arizona with 12 people per team and everyone runs 3 times. It took us 31 hours total. With that much time in vans and very little sleep we all get a little crazy. Tutus are the look of choice and everyone's vans are decorated with funny sayings.

This one was a favorite...

 We had hula hoops for cheering and you have no idea how encouraging it was at mile 5 to see everyone "hoopin'" and hollering for you...even if it's not your team. This is most of our team (1 is running when it was taken)

Getting ready for my first 6.7 miler...thank God for the inhaler someone had in the car [remember 10 day cough?]. I was surprised at how well I rocked it. I guess training at 7,000 feet has it's advantages.

So happy to see these signs every time...

Me and my rock-star Mother-in-love who got me into this crazy thing! She's amazing!

ALL FINISHED!!! It was sooo much fun with the right amount of crazy.... next one is Las Vegas in November as an Ultra team [6 people and you run double!!!] Watch out I'm gettin my Duces Wild medal! I'm also planning on a SoCal birthday run next year with some girlfriends. 


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