Friday, March 8, 2013

interesting thoughts

Did you know today is International Women's Day?!? 

I had never heard of it until I spent time over in Eastern Europe a couple of years ago. It's just beginning to be recognized in the U.S. (thanks Google for the shout out this year), but in other places around the world it's like mother's day but for ALL women . Women get flowers and cards and are recognized for all the amazing work they do socially, politically, and individually. It's a pretty neat holiday.

This is a picture of my first Women's Day experience... I was in Russia where Women's Day is a big deal and all of us ladies got flowers and compliments. 

Though the flowers and compliments are great, the cool thing about Women's Day is the awareness platform it provides. Whether that be awareness of how woman are being oppressed or awareness of how women are positively influencing our world, it's a awesome opportunity. 

As I have mentioned before in my post on The Good Woman Project, empowering women is a topic very near to my heart and a passion of mine... so when I came across this article on a friend's facebook page and thought I would share it today. It's an article from Relevant magazine and to read it click -->> here

Cheers [and happy International Women's Day!].

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