Saturday, September 29, 2012

10 Things [from this Week]

10 Things That Happened This Week:

1. Finished my second full week of school.
2. Flagstaff switched to fall mode. Colorful trees and crisp air!
3. Wore boots for the first time to welcome the fall season.
4. Drank a lot of lattes out of my new mug I painted. Isn't the bike awesome...yeah I freehanded it nbd.
5. Listen to the new Mumford & Son's and The Avett Brother's albums that came out this week. On repeat. Both Spotify. Do it. They are awesome.
6. Got a flu shot and had a weird reaction...seriously felt like something suckerpunched my immune system for 12 hrs then I was miraculously fine.
7. Watched 1/2 of the first season of Heroes on Netflix [I know, we're WAAAAY behind that trend oh well. Hiro - you know the asian space/time bender- is my favorite. Hiro the Hero!]
8. Discovered that N might need glasses. And on our way to said eye appointment....
9. ...we ended up getting a KITTEN! [way to go humane society for conveniently having an adoption fair in front of our apartment complex right as we were leaving]
10. Because of #9 we've begun to kitty-proofed our little apartment. [Suggestions anyone? We've never had a cat before]

More on the kitten on Monday when we pick her up from the vet. She is grey, white, and cuddly. We're taking a vote on a name for her, Lilu or Slippers....Ready VOTE!


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