Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Post on Friendship

This weekend, two of my best friends are coming up to visit! 

There are 4 of us that have been together since high school and have been through thick and thin with each other...trips, mental breakdowns, breakups, weddings [and bachlorette parties], nursing school, babies, moving...the list goes on and I hope it always will. 1 is an amazing nurse, 1 is a fantastic mamma to a sweet boy [and soon a baby girl. tutu's galore!], 1 is working towards being a nutritionist, 3 of us are married to men who are/will be in the military, 2 of us married our high school sweethearts....We now are scattered across the country but try to get together whenever possible, or at least talk frequently, though often blog and facebook updates become the fallback. Despite not seeing each other and talking as often as we would like, our friendship remains an important part of our lives. 

[Us on our Sr. trip to Disneyland back in High School. (left to right) Brittany, Kat, Courtney, Me. Aren't we adorable?]
I got to see Kat a few weeks ago as she was passing through with her hubby on their move to CA. This weekend Brittany and Courtney are coming up for a quick visit since Brittany is in town from the East Coast [the baby boy is with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend so we can have some girl time, sorry hubs you're suck with us...]. 

Yesterday, I came across this article Cultivating a Circle of Friends that are Like Family. I am so blessed to have these three lovelies in my life, but because we aren't always geographically close, we each have struggled with loneliness. This article is a good reminder of the importance of creating community around us. With each of us in different cities and states, we all need this encouragement. It has been mine and N's goal to practice this as we live here in Flag; to build relationships and a community around us despite only being here a short time. It is our hope and prayer that this becomes our lifestyle, to create community wherever we are for however long God has us there. It's not easy, but it is important...
Cheers [to friends that are family].

p.s. Kat and Brittany blog too. You can find Kat at Living Life Coast to Coast and Brittany at A Shatzy Family. Also, check out Brittany's Etsy shop ComfortCollections! You'll find some super cute [and customizable] stuff over there!

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