Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts on Freedom

Today is a day that I often don't know what to do with. I was not directly affected by 9/11 but I (am and) will be directly affected by our country's response to it as many of my best friends are married to men who are in the military and my husband will be returning soon. I remember 9/11 as a dream. I was in middle school and it was a school that many of the military kids went to. They all didn't come to school that day because the base was closed. I woke up that morning to the sound of the TV on which was odd because I was always the first one up.  I came downstairs to watch just as the second tower was hit.

America's verbal response to 9/11 has been a reflection on the word "Freedom". The war (or at least one of them) we are fighting is called "Operation Iraqi Freedom", the new tower is "Freedom Tower", throughout the last 11 years the speeches on this day have the theme of "Freedom". I am thankful for the freedoms that I have living in this country, despite the fact that I don't always agree with how our government does things. I married the man of my choosing, I can write my thoughts and publish them on this blog, I have a college education and have the opportunity to do the work I want to do, I can travel, I don't live in fear or wake up to the sound of bombs, I can openly worship my God and share my faith! BUT as I think of the freedoms that I have living in America, I cannot help but think of the FREEDOM I have being a citizen of Heaven!

The freedom that I have because of Christ's death on the cross for me.

I am FREE from sin. He has covered me in his pure righteousness. I am FREE from self-centered/hatred. He has healed me from an eating disorder. I am FREE from depression and anxiety. Another place he has healed me. I am FREE from death. He is preparing a place for me in his house. I am FREE from darkness. He has put his light in me. I am FREE to dance, sing, praise, smile, laugh, rest in his presence! Not only am I FREE in Him, He has given His Holy Spirit to empower me to continue His work, He has placed me as an ambassador of the Kingdom, He calls me His child...which is a position of royalty! How beautiful is that???

So today as our country reflects on "freedom", I will also be singing a song of praise for the FREEDOM I have in Christ!

"But each day the LORD pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to the God who gives me LIFE!" Psalm 42:8


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