Sunday, September 9, 2012

5 Fall-ish-ness Links

Though I expressed excitement about the change of life season that's going on right now... I'm not as excited about saying good-bye to summer just yet. I know I signed off saying I was going to drink a pumpkin latte but that was fleeting moment of delusion. As soon as I got up to make pumpkin spice syrup, I had a mini panic that summer just escaped behind the leaves without saying goodbye! I looked outside and saw the yellow flowers and blue sky and breathed a sigh of relief, sweet summer hasn't left me just yet...So I started making a summer veggie pizza just to be sure.

Don't get me wrong, I love fall and all the goodness it brings but it also brings snow and when I'm still dreaming about last summer adventures is not jiving with me. I'm not done eating summer food or wearing my white jeans and flowy dresses or for my tan to be gone!

To get myself (and you) a little more excited about fall, here are 5 Fall-ish-ness links I'm loving right now: 

1. When it's pumpkin decorating time I am excited to do this. Though I may use fake pumpkins so I can keep them because they are so pretty.

2. Doesn't this meringue-pumpkin-pie look good? 

3. And these caramels?


5. I can't get this recipe out of my head. Pumpkin-Whisky-SaltedCaramel-Coffee-IceCream all in one dish? Hell Yeah!

Ok a little caramel and sweater inspiration helped a little. It seems most of the bloggers who I follow are in the same mode I am in. Can we all just meet up some place warm and drink a marg or some sangria to forget summer is closing it's doors???

Soon I'll be ready and happily baking (and sharing) all things pumpkin, but I may escape to PHX next weekend for one last summer hurrah [shhh don't tell Fall I'm cheating him a weekend].


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  1. Yum! That meringue pumpkin pie does look quite delicious!


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