Friday, November 9, 2012

Blogger's Block

I have a bunch of photos [mostly food related] that are waiting in a file to be shared with all you lovelies, thoughts and ideas that are waiting to be written...however motivation is no where to be found when it comes time to sit and write/post... sorry to those that read regularly. I am searching my brain for inspiration/motivation/some kind of -ation that will get me back on posting track...

You see I had an you to the nut house, "Keep Calm and BREATHE" kind of 2 weeks there not too long ago and it threw me into a funk...I recovered from the crazy but somewhere along the way caught a bad case of Blogger's Block...even Pinterest isn't helping! [oh my this is serious!]

Anyways, we're supposed to wake up to snow in the morning...maybe that will help. Maybe tomorrow I will feel motivated enough to share my proud teacher moment that I had today! It's precious. I almost cried in front of 100+ parents at an assembly because of it [yeah I know Drama mama with a capital "D"!]

Blogger friends...what do you do when inspiration is waning? What's your home remedy to a bad case of the "Blogger's Block"?


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