Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hero Walk

So yesterday I mentioned that we had been travelling on the weekends, last weekend we did a [timely] Disaster Relief Training with our church in PHX and learn A LOT!!! I wish I could share all of the wonderful information we received that is applicable for more that just distasters. If anyone wants more info I can send you the training packet and the link to get more info.

As awesome as the training was...THIS weekend we got to go down to PHX to do the JDRF walk for our sweet little friend Heidi who has had Type 1 for a little over a year...

She [and her family] have had a rough journey as they figure out this crazy diagnosis but she sure does rock that pump and her tough Momma is a fighter just like her. It is obvious where she gets it from.

It was fun to be able to support Heidi and her family by doing this walk with them. We had a great team of family and friends...though us Haystacks missed the baby stroller memo as you can tell below...

Nate did pull our weight for the team as he carried one of the kiddos on his shoulders the whole walk.

All of Heidi's Heroes!

p.s. Please be praying for her that she would be completely healed from her diabetes as a testimony to His mercy and that God would pour his blessing and grace on their family. 

Go Team Heidi!


[Photos were taken by the many members of our team.]

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