Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Yarn Globes

Here is my most recent DIY. Colorful Yarn Globes. 
I love them because they are super easy to make [once you figure out the wrapping technique], easy to hang, and they add so much color to a room. They would be perfect DIY for a wedding or event to add a pop of color. You can also attach a light fixture and make them into pendant lights...[this WILL happen when we live in a place we can do lighting stuff in]. 

You will need: 

Basic Craft Glue (Like Elmer's. I bought the $1 bottles and Wal-mart)
Yarn/String/Embroidery Floss
Balloons (or another round deflatable object)
A place to tie your globes while you make them and let them dry. 

Blow up a balloon to the size you desire. Cut the yarn into very long pieces [I used about five 4ft long pieces]. Tie your balloon up where you are making and drying the globes. Next mix about 1/2 bottle of glue with some warm water in a bowl [I didn't use specific ratios, I just did it by feel. It should be on the thick side but thinner than straight out of the bottle]. 

Then put your first piece of string into the bowl with the glue mixture. Let it get completely soaked in the glue. As you pull it out of the glue run the string through your fingers to get rid of extra glue - the string should still look coated in it so don't squeeze too much out. 
Now is the hard part...wrapping it. Begin by tying the string to the top of the balloon and wrap vertically - keeping tension in the string as you wrap. As you finish with a piece of string, tuck it under one of the vertical strings and soak the next one in the glue. 
Keep wrapping vertically until it is about 2/3 covered and there are no big spaces between the strings. Then begin wrapping horizontally... This can be tricky, but if you tie string to the top and start diagonally, it should work. Keep wrapping until you like the amount of string on it [the thicker it is the longer it will take to dry].

Let it dry at least 24hrs over a container because it will drip extra glue as it dries. I hung mine over the sink so it was easy to clean if it missed the container. You will know it's dry when it is completely hardened.

When it is dry and hardened, take a pencil eraser and push on the balloon to separate the balloon and the string. Do this all the way around the globe. Next, cut a small opening at the top of the globe and pop the balloon. Remove the balloon carefully AND it is ready to hang!

To hang mine, I just used some thread and a small tack. If you want to make a pendant light out of it...check out some of the tutorials on Pinterest! 

I love how much color it brings to the corner of our living room. Aren't they awesome!
I hung up our Christmas lights tonight and some are right by theses globes and they look even cooler [is that a word? like "funner"?] It makes me want to add a big bunch of lights in the center of them all. 

So what do you think? How do you add pops of color for an event or in your home?


p.s. If anyone has questions, feel free to comment to ask. 

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  1. LOVE! So glad you did this, cus I plan on doing some of these to make a mobile for baby girl! :) I see you fixed your sun thingy! :)))


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