Saturday, November 24, 2012

Full of LOVE and FOOD

We have a wonderful problem when it comes to holidays. We have SOOOOO many people we love that we want to see and they all live close to each other! 
You see my family and N's family live only about 1 mile apart. And then on top of that we live in a small community with lots of people from our Church that we grew up in and went to school with. AND N's extended family lives within a 30-45min drive and with grandparents/great-grandparents on either side it's important to see them as get the picture???

So what do we do???

We eat WAY too much delicious food [because they are all excellent cooks], smile and laugh SOOO much that our faces hurt, and we come back so VERY full of love that all we can do is cuddle up and nap after it's all done.

I mean there can be worst dilema's right? Family [and those friends that ARE family] are very important to us. They are why we decided to live in Flag while N finishes school. There will be times in our life [probably not far off] where we won't be able to see everyone and so we make the best of it while we can and savor all of the love, food, and joy.

In fact, when we went around the table saying what we are thankful thankfulness was that I have been able to come home to be with my family every year since I first left for college...some quite creative ways to get there but no matter what the circumstance [fire on my campus, tight $, work schedules] I was able to come home. And for that I am thankful.

What were you thankful for this Thanksgiving? [And what was the star dish of your meal? Ours were the pies...Pumpkin and Pecan.]


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