Monday, November 12, 2012

Music Mondays: Veteran's Salute

I'm trying something new for Music Monday today... I don't think I will be able to pull myself together every week to create a playlist for ya'll but this week I thought I would try it out

In honor of all who have and are serving and their families. Be blessed and honored on this Veteran's Day.

p.s. I said the other day I would share my proud teacher moment and I will now as it relates to this... We had a Veteran's Assembly at school on Friday to honor those in our community that are Vets as well as Active duty. The second grade classes each sang a song and shared letters they had written to Veterans to thank them for their service. It was quite touching, especially to see how the service members were honored by it. As you may not know, I work in the special ed room and do a lot of work with a 2nd grader who is quite wiggly and has a lot of sensory needs [i.e. he hums/sings/recites movies  constantly] but he has been practicing with his class for this assembly and guess what?!?! He made it though the entire hour long assembly, performance and all, perfectly! Then when meeting the veterans, he looked one gentleman in the eye, said "hello," and shook his hand! That's hard work for a kid with Autism! I was so proud I almost cried. Its these moments that make me love what I do. Great job bud!


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